As of today, I am a author.

My first novel was just uploaded to Amazon Kindle and after many years of effort toward that goal, I can barely believe the day is actually upon me. I have had the draft manuscript on my tablet for a couple of days now and it feels surreal to see my words on the screen. I forgot who said it originally, but it certainly applies. It has taken me ten years to become an overnight success.

In no way can I claim sole credit for this journey. I owe a debt to several people for getting me this far: Keith C. Blackmore for his guidance and assistance. The Red Adept Publishing team took my childish scribblings and turned them into something intelligible. Christine DeMaio-Rice for taking my vague cover art concepts and turning them into stunning reality. Jason G. Anderson has been doing all of my book conversions for Kindle, CreateSpace and Smashwords. My girlfriend Joanne has pushed, prodded and encouraged me tirelessly since reading the early drafts.

Thank you all. 

A paperback version is coming in a month or so. Stay tuned for that.

It was a hard decision for me to give up diving for a year so I could focus on writing. Now that I have a book actually for sale, I think I made the right one. I will have another book out by the end of the summer (Predation) and have two more novels on the go. My next goal is to make enough through writing to be able to write full time. That might take another ten years of effort, but I cannot think of a more noble goal.  The Legionnaire: Mask of the Pharaoh is now available on Amazon for purchase.

Today is a very good day.
First proofread on Legionnaire: Mask has been completed! As I spent a lot of time and three manuscript revisions with my editor, the proofread was a painless exercise with only minor things being picked up. I was able to work through the issues over the weekend. I did discover a couple of minor errors in the story which I took the opportunity to correct. Nothing major, but I had to make sure the place names I used in Legionnaire: Mask matched the ones I am writing in Legionnaire: Book two. :) 

A second proof is scheduled and after that I can contact the book formatter to put it into the acceptable formats for Kindle, Smashwords and CreateSpace even though I will stick with Kindle exclusively for the first three months. The CreateSpace conversion will only be used if I decide to offer actual soft cover books via Amazon. I may do this at some point in the future as a few people still prefer the feel of a book and my Father for instance has no Kindle. 

Bottom line is: The June estimate for publication of Legionnaire: Mask is still looking good. 

Predation is still in first edit. It is taking additional time as it was well over 500 pages when I submitted it. If I can get through that edit as efficiently as Legionnaire: Mask then August is looking good for publication. 

Legionnaire: Book two writing is progressing, but a lot slower than I would like. I have decided on a title, but will not be advertising it until I get the cover art done and get at least 3/4 of the way through the writing. I hit the hundred page mark a few days ago which felt like I had accomplished something. Four hundred more to go!