I had a long exhale of breath this weekend when I received a second positive review for Predation. I was not sure if people would relate to a story with no central character. However, with both Amazon reviews and received emails being positive, I can relax and move onto the next project. A quote from a review said, "This is one of those hard core military fighting page turners" and I am glad because that is what I was going for. A favorite book of mine is The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan and Predation is a fictional homage to that work. 

The Legionnaire: Origins (Book Two) is shaping up nicely. I am roughly a third of the way through an internal review and hope (fingers and toes crossed) to get it to the editors soon. I have an edit slot in November and that is my goal, but as always I try to get it in early so I can move onto other things, like writing book three. Finishing Mask, the first Legionnaire book, felt like such a victory, but now, facing the balance of the planned original three books, I am faced with a heck of a lot of work. :-) Spare time seems so much more elusive over the last few months. Research is continuing on the fourth Legionnaire as well. 

Sales continue to improve slowly as word spreads. Seventy-two "Likes" on my Facebook page which is humbling and thirteen followers on Twitter.  Now I am faced with a choice. I need to get Origins out the door, but then do I finish the Legionnaire series or work on one of the other two sci-fi books I have envisioned and ready to go? Decisions, decisions. Time will tell. 

The one question that is resounding in my Inbox right now, "When will Predation be out?" Word has spread and several sci-fi fans are urging me to get it out ASAP.  That's my reward for setting up a Contact Form on sjparkinson.com  :-}

I am happy to say it should be out in early August. Predation has finished editing (Thank you Rosemary and Lynn) and just went for the second (and last) proof read. Once I get it back, add three or four days for formatting and then it will be out. The comments I am getting back so far have been very encouraging.

I am enlisting Predation in KDP Select as a test. So it will be available exclusively on Amazon in mobi format for the first three months, but I shall be producing paperbacks as well. Expect those by September. After KDP, it shall be available via Nook, Kobo and Barnes & Noble in other ebook formats. Other markets are pending.

In other news, Legionnaire: Book Two is almost done. I suspect I have forty pages to go before I complete it. I have been burning the midnight oil for that and hope to get it finished before the late hours catch up to me. As of now, my target date for Book Two is December 2012. That is so I can review it several times and get the cover art done without feeling rushed. Then off to the editors. Once I get the cover art completed, I shall release the title and jacket description. Then I shall take a whack at Legionnaire: Book Three. I cannot even think of setting a date on that project yet. 

Finally, I recently read an interesting book and have been inspired for a fourth Legionnaire book. A generic outline has been completed and I think it is a viable project / story. No details yet and the schedule for that book is "when it is done". I have to do a lot of research and have two other books to finish before that happens.

The more I write, the more I am inspired to write more. I should have started this journey much sooner. As always, I appreciate your comments, feedback and support.