First proofread on Legionnaire: Mask has been completed! As I spent a lot of time and three manuscript revisions with my editor, the proofread was a painless exercise with only minor things being picked up. I was able to work through the issues over the weekend. I did discover a couple of minor errors in the story which I took the opportunity to correct. Nothing major, but I had to make sure the place names I used in Legionnaire: Mask matched the ones I am writing in Legionnaire: Book two. :) 

A second proof is scheduled and after that I can contact the book formatter to put it into the acceptable formats for Kindle, Smashwords and CreateSpace even though I will stick with Kindle exclusively for the first three months. The CreateSpace conversion will only be used if I decide to offer actual soft cover books via Amazon. I may do this at some point in the future as a few people still prefer the feel of a book and my Father for instance has no Kindle. 

Bottom line is: The June estimate for publication of Legionnaire: Mask is still looking good. 

Predation is still in first edit. It is taking additional time as it was well over 500 pages when I submitted it. If I can get through that edit as efficiently as Legionnaire: Mask then August is looking good for publication. 

Legionnaire: Book two writing is progressing, but a lot slower than I would like. I have decided on a title, but will not be advertising it until I get the cover art done and get at least 3/4 of the way through the writing. I hit the hundred page mark a few days ago which felt like I had accomplished something. Four hundred more to go!  


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