I had a long exhale of breath this weekend when I received a second positive review for Predation. I was not sure if people would relate to a story with no central character. However, with both Amazon reviews and received emails being positive, I can relax and move onto the next project. A quote from a review said, "This is one of those hard core military fighting page turners" and I am glad because that is what I was going for. A favorite book of mine is The Longest Day by Cornelius Ryan and Predation is a fictional homage to that work. 

The Legionnaire: Origins (Book Two) is shaping up nicely. I am roughly a third of the way through an internal review and hope (fingers and toes crossed) to get it to the editors soon. I have an edit slot in November and that is my goal, but as always I try to get it in early so I can move onto other things, like writing book three. Finishing Mask, the first Legionnaire book, felt like such a victory, but now, facing the balance of the planned original three books, I am faced with a heck of a lot of work. :-) Spare time seems so much more elusive over the last few months. Research is continuing on the fourth Legionnaire as well. 

Sales continue to improve slowly as word spreads. Seventy-two "Likes" on my Facebook page which is humbling and thirteen followers on Twitter.  Now I am faced with a choice. I need to get Origins out the door, but then do I finish the Legionnaire series or work on one of the other two sci-fi books I have envisioned and ready to go? Decisions, decisions. Time will tell. 



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